Black Lives on Film

Since the end of August, I have been involved with the curation of a film and networking event called ‘Black Lives on Film alongside the Watershed Cinema in Bristol. The event has been was included as part of the national ‘Black Star’ festival supported by the BFI (British Film Institution). The process of curating this event included the selection of the short films which were showcased at Encounters and Your Cinema, as well as the decision to showcase a question an answer panel made up of the filmmakers and actors from the films.

I was also involved in hosting networking event after the screening which involved hosting topic tables where people came to discuss the issues on the table. 

Our aims for the event was to create a safe space where our audience felt comfortableto openly discuss the representation or misrepresentation of British black culture on film and the affects that can leave on the community. Our targeted audience for this event was young people aged between15-25 and were reached by serval campaigns on across social media. 

One of the most valuable parts about programming programming and producing Black Lives on Film had to be the people I was able to work with. Everyone brought with them their own personal experiences and the discussions almost became therapeutic, and it was great knowing that we were involved in creating something that might be beneficial in the same way to others. It also made me think more about wanting to be involved in similar events in the future. 

I think if we were to do the event again it would really beneficial for it to be filmed professionally so it could be used as promotion for further events and could be added to portfolios. I would also suggest making programs to hand out the the audience so they can have all the information of the films before and after the screening, would also be good for the promotions of the films themselves. 


Speaking on the night

Parys Gardener

I’m a Bristolian studying illustration and visual communication in London and I like to base my work around both everyday experiences as well as documenting  my journey through life as a black woman of Jamaican decent. I’m interested in identity, sociology and culture and work across a range of mediums.