Project Proposal

This semester I have decided to make editorial images to be used both in print or online. Throughout my practice, I struggled with developing my own visual language. The problem mainly arose the previous semester when I was choosing images for my website, I felt none of the pieces from my previous projects looked like a professional collection of an artists work. I did however find the pieces I liked all had the same themes, focusing on ideas around identity and culture which is what I plan to develop through this project. I also aim to develop my skills in digital drawing and learn how to use new Adobe software. 

One of my gaols is to produce editorial work for magazines such as Galdem and BlackBallard which are both independently ran by and produced for young British women of colour. They both feature articles on anything on lifestyle and fashion to arts and culture. My aim for this semester is to produce work to accompany a written article commenting on the stigmatisation of natural afro hair. 

I plan to make a magazine advertisement for a satirical product which pokes fun at the idea that any hair in its natural state can be or should be viewed as “unprofessional” and stigmatised. I want to make the product itself look as real as possible to signify the reality of the issue. I will hope to achieve this by beginning to research existing afro hair care products.

Parys Gardener

I’m a Bristolian studying illustration and visual communication in London and I like to base my work around both everyday experiences as well as documenting  my journey through life as a black woman of Jamaican decent. I’m interested in identity, sociology and culture and work across a range of mediums.