My aims were to make this image look like as though it could be a real poster trying to get the reader to believe that the product itself could be found in stores. I think I achieved my aims by following the conventions of a real product. 

When designing my poster it was important for me to follow the conventions of hair product poster after I made myself aware of them, I achieved this by using questions and singular second person pronouns to make the reader feel as though they are being targeted directly by the "advertisement" and giving them a question makes them automatically think about an answer as they continue to read. I used deep and virulent colours throughout the image which are the same as the ones used on the product which not only brings the image together but sells the overall ideas of class, sophistication and luxury which is what I wanted to convey. 

I wanted it to be a  thought provoking editorial image. If i were to develop this idea further I would like to build upon the design of the product, adding witty instructions and ingredients to reinforce the satirical natural of the "product".

Parys Gardener

I’m a Bristolian studying illustration and visual communication in London and I like to base my work around both everyday experiences as well as documenting  my journey through life as a black woman of Jamaican decent. I’m interested in identity, sociology and culture and work across a range of mediums.