Wash Weekend Memories

Following the story telling theme that I've stumbled upon, I have been thinking about other (less traumatic) memories I have concerning my hair. This has led me to think about one of the most prominent memories; the highly anticipated 'wash day', which with my hair often turned into an entire wash weekend sat on a cushion, head between mothers knees has laid all of the equipment required on the carpet in front of us. After doing a small amount of research, talking to friends and family members with afro hair I quickly learnt that this was very much a universal experience for girls (and some boys) with afro hair. 

I have produced some line drawings of the items that could be found lined up on the carpet during those wash day weekends using tracing paper and 0.2 nib fine liners.



Sketches of childhood objects

Parys Gardener

I’m a Bristolian studying illustration and visual communication in London and I like to base my work around both everyday experiences as well as documenting  my journey through life as a black woman of Jamaican decent. I’m interested in identity, sociology and culture and work across a range of mediums.