Along with verbal feedback, I also wanted to record feedback from people who may not have been comfortable in front of a camera. I did this by setting a comments book infront of the screen to allow viewers to jot down any comments they had when watching the animation. I thought it would be constructive to get feedback in this way as it allowed the viewer to remain anonymous if they wanted to while leaving their honest opinions.  To my surprise a lot of the comments received turned out to be very positive which I was personally encouraged by. The only downside to recording feedback in this way was that the writing equipment did go missing towards the end of the private view which will make me think slightly differently about the way I record written feedback in the future, perhaps using a social media hashtag to make the experience more interactive or simply by securing the equipment. 


"Well done! That's better then the filming cause it draws attention to what is said
rather than the focus being on [the] people who are actually talking"

Parys Gardener

I’m a Bristolian studying illustration and visual communication in London and I like to base my work around both everyday experiences as well as documenting  my journey through life as a black woman of Jamaican decent. I’m interested in identity, sociology and culture and work across a range of mediums.